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The information your sales team has been waiting for.

How do you ensure your salespeople are all charged with the information and data they need to sell?

Building professional documents and content for your Sales team can be an expensive and complex process. But why start from scratch when creating your Sales Playbooks and Account Plans?

Our sales templates are created in accessible and easy-to-edit formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, so you can supercharge your sales teams today.*

* The templates are super easy to use and edit. We promise.

Sales Playbook Template Pack

“The Sales Playbook templates and instructional ebook gave us a ready-to-go playbook which we could hand out to new starters and resellers, ultimately quickening up the sales process.”

“The Reseller and Sales Playbook Templates will help us to accelerate our global partner program delivery and standardise our partner documentation.”

“It was easy to adjust the Case Study Pack files to match our own branding and the ebook gave us step by step instructions for creating a professional Case Study.”

Best in class organizations use Sales Playbooks to sales enable their teams.

We’ve created Sales Playbooks for some of the world’s biggest companies. Our tried and trusted templates make it simple to create Sales documents for your organization.

But the template itself is just one part of what you get. Each document comes with comprehensive guidance and support on how to fill in your templates for maximum success.

We’ve condensed over a decade of Sales Enablement expertise into our sales templates.

We’ve created Sales Playbooks for some of the world’s biggest and most respected companies – and we’ve put all of that knowledge, expertise and tips into our Template Packs.

Whether you need to create a killer Case Study for a recent customer win, or to develop an Account Plan for your Key Accounts, you’re in safe hands.

B2B Sales Templates and Sales Playbook Template

Sales Playbook Template

Sales Playbook Template - All Contents
  • How to pitch your product to customers
  • Handling customer objections
  • Assessing the market opportunity
  • Defining a target customer profile
  • Buyer roles

Reseller Program Templates

Reseller Handbook Template
  • Building a Reseller Handbook for resellers and partners
  • Reseller Sales Playbook template
  • Building your Reseller Program
  • Sales enabling your channel
  • Attracting resellers to your program

Account Plan Template

Account Planning Template
  • How to build an Account Plan for Key Accounts
  • Short and Long Account Plan versions
  • Creating a Territory Plan
  • Categorizing your accounts

Purchasing FAQs

How will I receive my template?

Once you have placed your order, your Template will be emailed to you as a digital download via a link in the Order Confirmation email.

If you haven’t received your email, please check your spam folder and the email address associated with your PayPal account. If you still haven’t received your pack, then email us at hello@contemsa.com

Do I have to pay with PayPal?

No! You can pay via Credit or Debit card, or using your PayPal account.

PayPal process all the payments, we don’t see or store any payment info.

Do I need to have any special software to access the template files?

All our templates are designed to be used in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Please check the description of your individual template pack to check which formats your template is available in.

Can I use this template pack to create documents for my clients?

The templates and all supporting documents are only licenced for a company’s own use. Agencies or third parties are not licensed to use the templates to create documents for multiple clients (each client would require its own unique template purchase).

Do you offer refunds?

Because our templates are digital downloads, we unfortunately don’t offer refunds. However, we put lots of info about what is included in the packs to help you make your decision, but if you’re unsure of anything then please get in touch: hello@contemsa.com and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries.

Become amazing at understanding your customers.

Sales Playbook Template Pack

  • Microsoft Word Sales Playbook Templates – 3 styles, each with 6 different color options
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Sales Playbook Templates – 2 styles, each with 6 different color options
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Sales Battlecard Templates – to complement your Sales Playbook
  • Comprehensive 60 page ebook to guide you step by step through the Sales Playbook creation process – drawing on our decade of experience creating sales playbooks for corporates and startups
  • Excel template files to support the playbook creation process:
    • Feedback Sheet template
    • Questioning Sheet Template
  • Additional supporting templates to help you develop your sales messaging and complete your Sales Playbook, including:
    • Sales Messaging Template
    • Features, Benefits and Outcomes Template

Get started building your Sales Playbook today.

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