6 Types of Business Blog Posts to Write Today

Here’s a list of useful types of blog posts to get your creative B2B blog writing juices flowing – because there’s not just one option when it comes to writing blogs, and developing your personal brand or company content strategy is about using a variety of different approaches to keep your audience interested

How-to Guides

How-to blog titles tend to perform really well in the B2B space – as people are looking for simple how-to instructions across most business topics.
Sharing your knowledge and info in a how-to guide can be a really good way to frame a topic for readers.

Examples could be:

  • ‘How-to design a cloud strategy for your business’
  • ‘How to deploy Office 365 across your organisation’

List Articles

Everyone loves a “Top Ten” list article – it’s simple and digestible and helps for making complex topics a little more interesting.


  • ‘Top 5 obstacles to avoid when deploying your ERP upgrade’
  • ‘9 ways to streamline your applications’


Rather than a lengthy article, summarise your recommendations to readers in a handy checklist that they can print off and use in a live environment.


  • ‘GDPR readiness checklist’
  • ‘Hybrid cloud strategy checklist’


Why not do a profile article once a month, focusing on a member of your team? Think about it as a ‘get to know’ article to bring your staff closer to customers and build a more personalised connection with your audience. Each month you can focus on someone from a different department and use the same questions each time for consistency.


Interviewing a customer, supplier or key contact within your own business is another way to up your content production without having to come up with new content and articles. It also gives you another perspective and some inspiration for other blog posts in the future.

Think about who you could interview:
• Customers
• Suppliers
• Business partners
• Key contacts within your business
• Thought leaders in your industry
• Conference attendees


What about reviewing a new service you’ve been trying? Or a recent book that made a big impression? Don’t just think about content directly related to your business and industry, think about wider business topics that enable you to share valuable advice and guidance with your readers.

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