Product Update: New Sales Playbook Template Designs Released

Sales Playbook Template Pack - All Files
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We’ve released not one, not two, but a whopping TWELVE new Sales Playbook Word Templates and SIX new PowerPoint templates in our Sales Playbook Template Pack!

In addition to the new template designs, we’ve also created corresponding Sales Battlecard template designs in Word and PowerPoint so that they match your Playbook design format.

Here’s a preview of what the new designs look like:

Sales Playbook Template Pack - All Files
Sales Playbook Template - Red Example

Why did we add to the Playbook Template designs?

So, why did we decide to add to the Sales Playbook pack? Well, in short, we just want to keep making it better and better. We wanted to give our customers even more choice and scope when it came to creating sales playbooks and battlecards that fit with their personality and brand.

Our original template designs are still included (and have a white background with accent colors) but our new designs have strong colored backgrounds to really make your content pop.

Word Sales Playbook Template - Cover Page
Sales Playbook Template - Color options

How can I see what the different Sales Playbook design options are?

On the main Sales Playbook Template Pack page, we’ve listed out all the different design options, but we’ve also created a handy video showing you what’s included in the Sales Playbook Template Pack:

So, does the pack just contain Sales Playbook Templates?

No! That’s just one part of the entire pack – the rest is all the supporting documentation and info you need to create a truly professional, credible and usable Sales Playbook for your organization.

One of the pack’s showstoppers is a 60+ page ebook which guides you through how to fill in every single section of your sales playbook – with supporting questions to get you thinking.

Playbook Inside Files 1
Sales Battlecard Template Example

Not only that, but we include Feedback Files and Question files for helping you to collect information from your Subject Matter Experts, and to arrange your thoughts about your Sales Playbook content in a systematic and sensible way.

What types of organizations buy the Sales Playbook Template Pack?

It varies, but typically it is corporate organizations operating in B2B industries. Our buyers tend to be Marketing Directors or Sales Directors, who are responsible for training or educating their company’s sales teams.

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