A New Podcast for B2B Sales Enablement Leaders – The Sales Way

The Sales Way is a simple, bite-sized podcast for B2B Sales Leaders

We’ve launched a B2B Sales Enablement Podcast – providing simple tips and insights on all topics sales enablement related; from building your company’s sales playbook to building a successful reseller partner program.

Delivered in simple bite-sized chunks, we give you the info you need to be more successful in your sales enablement activities.

The Sales Way Podcast - B2B Sales Enablement

So, why did we decide to launch a B2B Sales Enablement podcast?

We’ve created sales playbooks and sales enablement content for some of the world’s most successful companies – and we wanted to share the knowledge and insights we’ve collected from creating sales playbooks, B2B marketing content and reseller programs with organisations who are looking to level up their sales and marketing efforts.

But wait, we’re trying to do something a little different here. There are already a number of really good sales enablement podcasts and sales success podcasts out there – but we wanted to create a simple, straightforward, bite-sized podcast for busy B2B sales professionals who need the info to do their jobs more successfully in a quick and snappy format. Listen to our episodes while making a coffee, then get down to putting our insights into action.

For now, the podcasts are quick snippets – but in time we are looking to open it up to feature interviews with sales leaders and experts if we think it can bring reliable, actionable and tangible value to our listeners.

What can we expect to hear about?

The main topic for our podcast is B2B Sales Enablement, but at times we will stray into reseller program building, content marketing, thought leadership building and sales skills. But what we can guarantee is that every topic is relevant to today’s modern B2B Sales Enablement Leaders and Sales Management.

Here’s an idea of what we’ll be covering:

  • Sales playbooks
  • Reseller sales enablement
  • Reseller programs
  • Account management
  • Meeting planning
  • Sales training approaches
  • Storytelling in sales
  • Account planning
  • Social selling
  • And more….!

Who should be listening to the podcast?

The Sales Way has been created with B2B Sales Enablement Leaders in mind, whether you’re a Sales Enablement Manager or working in B2B Sales Management – or perhaps you’re in B2B Marketing and you’ve been tasked with creating sales content for your company’s salespeople – we’ve got you covered with insights and quick tips to help you deliver more successful programs.

Why have you decided to launch this now?

We ADORE podcasts – we listen to them all the time, on lots of topics – both business and personal (maybe we’ll do a post on our favourite podcasts). And we felt there was a gap for Sales leaders who needed a fresh, snappy podcast which could give them enough tangible and actionable insights in the time it takes to drink a coffee (or, well, if you’re me, it’s a strong English Breakfast tea every time).

Who is the host?

Well – it’s me, Carrie! I worked in corporate sales for a multinational technology company selling enterprise IT to both Public Sector and Private Sector organisations, and also in reseller sales; looking after a number of growing technology resellers to help them grow their business. For the past 7 years, I’ve run Contemsa (formerly known as The Sales Way – which is where our podcast name came from!), creating sales playbooks and content marketing for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Citrix, Pulsant and other large tech companies.

Carrie Morgan - B2B Sales Enablement Podcast

Where can we access the podcast?

You can access The Sales Way Podcast on all your favourite podcast apps and players…

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