Best Free Sales Templates

The Best Free B2B Sales Templates

Ok, so we’ve done the hard work – we’ve researched the free sales templates that are available online, and brought them together in one place for you.

So there’s no excuse to not up your sales game when there’s loads of resources available free at the click of a button.

Take a look below at these super professional, yet easy to use, sales templates from around the net.

Let’s go!

Account Planning Templates

Intercom Account Plan Pitch Deck

Intercom has a super cool Account Plan Pitch Deck (the link to the PPT pitch deck is about halfway down their article) – but their guide on how to use it is really useful too. The pitch deck is a PPT Account Plan that’s ready to present to your team, and the branding looks amazing too.

They also have a free Excel version of an Account Plan template – but we think it’s the PPT pitch deck that you absolutely have to check out.

Free Account Plan Template from Databahn

This free Strategic Account Plan Template from Databahn is an Excel template that covers loads of useful points that every Account Plan needs, from a SWOT analysis of your strength and weaknesses, to a study of the competitive landscape. This template is best suited to large-deal customers where in-depth account planning and analysis is required. It’s really detailed and if you’re looking for free sales templates and account planning resources, then it would be hard to find something better than this!

Customer Planning Template

Customer Planning Template

This Customer SWOT template helps you to plan your customers better – helping you to analyse your customer’s situation, their business challenges and opportunities. This will help to inform your Account Planning activities.

Meeting Agenda Templates

Free meeting agenda template from Office - Free sales templates
Microsoft Office

You can always rely on the good old template resources – now, some might look a little dated but they do their job just fine and this free Meeting Agenda Download is a super easy choice for putting together a professional meeting agenda for free. Impress your customers by ensuring you turn up armed with the meeting planning documents to help you deliver a successful meeting experience, from planning the meeting and sending out agenda documents, through to staying on track within the meeting itself through having a robust needing structure in place.

Sales Email Templates

Sales Email Templates by Pipedrive

These aren’t downloadable templates, but Pipedrive has put together 5 Sales Email Templates, covering different parts of the sales process, from first contact with the customer through to getting recommendations into new prospects.

Sometimes it’s just really useful to see example sales emails with the sample content already there for helping you get a feel for what you should be putting in your own sales emails. You can just copy and paste these sales email templates and amend them to suit your business and product offering.

Sales Call Script Template

Sales Call Script by Close IO have put together a handy Sales Call Script Template to help you deliver more successful customer calls, and they even have a handy guide that walks you through their own experience of using the call script.

Most people hate cold calling, but having a good, well-honed script in place can make the process so much easier, and helps you to be consistent in your calls and sales messaging. It’s all too easy to go off-topic and let the call runaway with itself (especially when we’re nervous), but a strongly structured call script will ensure your opening correctly, asking the right questions and getting the customer to agree to your call to action.

Buyer Persona Template

Free buyer persona template-Hubspot

If you haven’t already heard of the Hubspot Buyer Persona Template then what rock have you been living under?! These templates are well known in the sales and marketing world for creating top-notch, amazingly-designed and super-detailed buyer persona profiles.

Creating buyer personas, or (buyer profiles as we call them at Contemsa) is a critical part of developing your sales messaging – after all, if you don’t know who you are targeting, then how can you be sure you’re hitting on the right business challenges and needs in conversations with prospects? How can you know that you’re marketing is on point? Buyer profiles are critical to sales success – you need to know what your customers are typically like, what they’re thinking, what they’re buying, etc etc. You can’t go wrong with any of Hubspot’s resources, but the Buyer Persona Templates and tools are the best in our opinion.

Sales Presentation Template

Sales presentation template Lucid press

Lucidpress have a number of sales presentation templates to download, but we thought this particular Sales Presentation Template was a really good option in terms of style and feel. According to their site, you can customise the template with your own branding – although it looks pretty good as it is for a dynamic customer presentation.

Sales Plan Template

Slidebean sales plan template

This Sales Plan Template from Slidebean is for Sales Managers who want to create a documented plan about what their teams’ sales quotas and goals are, how they’re going to reach those goals and all the details in between. In other words, it’s like a Sales Manager’s recipe for team success – a must have in any manager’s toolkit.

The guide for how to use the template will also give you some really useful pointers for creating a well-thought-out sales plan so make sure to check it out too.

Free Sales Templates Roundup!

So there you go – a good chunk of useful sales templates to get your teeth into, and we’ll keep updating this page with new, free sales templates as we find them. There are loads of templates online but we’ve worked hard to just pick the ones that look professional and from a reputable source. If there’s any you think we should be including then drop us an email at and we’ll get them added to the list.

Free Sales Resources

For more free sales resources, head on over to our Resources for free guides on sales topics such as creating your own sales playbook, or content marketing for B2B salespeople.

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