Blog from the Intern: Week 2 – Social Media and Blog Posts

Any fellow late sleeper will agree that this seems kind of impossible, but when my alarm went off last Monday morning, I didn’t even hesitate to get up. In fact, I was looking forward to the coming week so much, that I literally jumped out of bed, got dressed, had some breakfast and was out of the door and on my way to the bus stop within minutes. This was incredibly unlike my usual morning routine, which basically includes hitting snooze at least 5 times, then proceeding to procrastinate by texting all my friends about how much I’d prefer to stay in bed and finally having to storm out of the house with my shoes untied and a banana and a half eaten piece of bread in my hands because there is absolutely no time to have a proper breakfast.

As I was making my way to the office – this time I only took one wrong turn, immediately noticed and therefore didn’t get lost like on my first day – I was already eager to find out which tasks I was going to get this week.

I had worked on my first intern blog post from home on Friday, so it was now time to edit it before publishing it on the website. As I have already been running a personal WordPress blog for over a year, I was sort of used to writing posts, but since I had usually only quickly scanned them for spelling or grammar mistakes before sending them out, I was amazed to see how much difference a few changes and additions could make to my article.

After finally uploading the finished post on Contemsa blog, I began to have a look at Hootsuite, a social media management website that links all of your social media profiles and enables you to schedule your posts. This way, companies like Contemsa can organise their daily updates in one go instead of having to separately log into each social media profile every few hours to send out a new post.

As I knew from last week’s research, it is crucial to frequently publish new content in order to keep your customer base interested, which can, for example, be done by sharing links to articles dealing with themes relevant to your target audience. Thus, I had a look around the web for informative content on topics like Content Marketing, B2B, Sales Enablement etc. to later schedule on Hootsuite.

To be honest, managing a company’s social media seemed a very scary task at first and I was constantly aware that one wrong click could lead to a minor catastrophe, such as accidentally posting on a wrong account, making an embarrassing grammar mistake or sharing a funny cat video instead of an article on successful marketing in the tech sector, only to name a few of the various horror scenarios going through my mind. Luckily though, I was relieved to find out that nothing of that kind actually happened and quickly got used to the scheduling tool, realising that it’s in fact a very useful service that can save you a lot of time

Since I had also delivered my previously prepared presentation about Content Marketing on Monday, Carrie thought it might be a good idea to put all of that information into another blog post, which I started to write the next day. After editing and uploading this one as well, I proceeded to promote it on social media. As I knew from last week’s research, it’s way easier to catch a reader’s attention by employing images, so I accordingly made some on Canva, which was surprisingly so easy to use that even I, a complete graphic design newbie, could create a presentable image, and added them to Hootsuite as well.

With all this done, it was now time to take on the big project: Our podcast. To begin with, I approached the new venture by listening to some other sales podcasts, taking notes about what was well-made and what could be improved. Most of the shows I listened to were very informative and nicely done, but some made me feel a great deal of second-hand embarrassment. However, we surely didn’t let that discourage us and tried to look at it in a positive light: At least we couldn’t get much worse than that with our own podcast.

There were of course many different things to consider before we could get started, like how to record the podcast, how to make an intro and edit the audio, which music to use, which type of content to focus on, how to post it on a website and submit it to iTunes etc., so it was obviously necessary to do a lot of research beforehand.

However, we’ve already got a rough plan, so there’s nothing standing in the way of our podcast now. Stay tuned to find out how our first attempt goes!

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