Blog from the Intern: Week 4 and 5

Weekend Trips

People always say that time flies when you’re having fun and this statement couldn’t be any more true for my stay in England. Over the past two weekends, I’ve seen even more of the country and visited lots of new cities, including York, which has probably become my favourite place in the entire universe.

I had never before been to a city with so many bookshops and literally felt like I had died and gone to heaven without noticing as I was walking through the Shambles with a big smile on my face and a rucksack so heavy with books that I could barely carry it. I might possibly need a few additional suitcases to get all that reading material back to Cologne, but I’m sure that can be arranged.

Even though no other city could quite exceed York and its cobbled streets, city walls and beautiful buildings, I absolutely loved going to Sheffield, Leeds and Buxton as well and secretly made plans to buy a house in every single one of the places I went to because I adored them so much. (Not that I could ever afford that, but a girl can dream, right?)

Preparing for the My Sales Academy Launch

With the launch of My Sales Academy only two months away, there was a lot of preparation work to do when I got back to the office the following Monday.

Since the most important thing before launching something is making as many people aware of it as possible, I started off by following people operating in the B2B sector on Twitter and scheduling lots of social media posts and images on Hootsuite in order to give people a first idea of what My Sales Academy is and how they can get involved.

Account Planning Guide

As signing up for first access to the website is already possible now, we also had to put together a guide on Account Planning to send out to people who register.

Thus, we recorded an audio with all the information we needed, which I then typed out and edited. Turning an entire 3500 words report from spoken into formal written language was quite a challenge and my desk was soon covered in piles of paper with different printed out versions that I searched for mistakes over and over again while eating an entire family pack of Cadbury fingers by myself.

It took a lot of time and even more chocolate, but after a few hours of changing around sentences, replacing words, cutting out repetitions, adding details, and spotting and correcting mistakes, we were finally happy with the finished piece and sent it out to everyone who had already signed up.

Introduction Video

To give people an even better insight into what My Sales Academy offers and how it can help their business increase sales, we also started working on an introduction whiteboard video on VideoScribe. Even though the finished project will only be about three minutes long, there’s a lot of work behind it as the audio has to be recorded and edited, the text and graphics have to be chosen and everything has to be fitted together to the exact second.

However, after creating at least 5 different versions and finding new things to change every time we re-watched it, we’re now nearly done and very much looking forward to publishing the video next week.

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