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C24 Case Study Released – Contemsa

C24 Case Study Released – Contemsa 842 436 Contemsa

Contemsa is pleased to announce that our case study for C24 Ltd is now live and viewable on our site – download the case study here or visit our customer case study page.

C24 is an applications hosting specialist based in the West Midlands, and The Sales Way has been working with C24 to help launch their new Public Sector Storage-as-a-Service solution.  Contemsa provided an end-to-end sales enablement service to C24, creating a comprehensive Sales Playbook that helped formulate the key messaging around the Storage-as-a-service solution and detailed how C24’s sales team could take the service to Public Sector customers.

The sales playbook we created included a detailed overview of the challenges faced by the Public Sector market and how IT could help solve some of those challenges.  The playbook went on to explain how sales people could then align the benefits and outcomes of the Storage-as-a-Service solution from C24 and HP, to the challenges and issued faced by customers.

This makes it much easier for C24’s sales team and channel partners to articulate the solution messaging to clients in a quick and simple way.

Other collateral created by Contemsa for C24’s solution was:

  • Ready-made customer sales presentations so that sales people have ready-to-go collateral to use in customer engagements
  • Whiteboard selling guide to help salespeople whiteboard their proposition with full sales scripts to support the presentation
  • Battlecards with ‘need to know’ info for quick learning

Using AI to stay on top of data

According to HBR, 85% of all sales rep activities have the potential to be automated (1). Tasks such as gathering information from customers and prospects, taking customers’ orders for a particular product or processing the sales transaction itself could all be done by AI technology.

However, other tasks such as making nuanced commercial decisions or building an ongoing relationship with a customer cannot be automated and will likely remain at the core of what sales reps do in the future.  That’s why we always advocate the practice of building up your position as a thought leader to differentiate what you do from other tactical players and built strategic relationships (see how we did it with UK cloud hoster, C24, here).

AI is not a substitute for sales people; it would instead complement their day to day activities; helping them to become more efficient and freeing up their time to focus on what matters.

AI can also be of use in relation to the after sales service. It is often after a sale has been completed that focus on a customer wains. A follow up is sometimes not carried out by the sales team to check if the customer is satisfied or has any problems with their new purchase. It is time consuming to keep track of all of this and sales reps may find that it takes time away from researching prospects and getting in touch with potential customers. Here is where AI can help them. AI could be used to gather all the data from new purchases and check in regularly with each customer, in a quick and effective way.

AI tools could be used to check if customers are happy or whether they need further assistance with their product. This leads us to another field where AI can be really useful and cost effective: customer service.