Infographic Whitepaper for C24, A Leading UK Tech Business

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Making content more compelling

Content evolves. What works one year might not work the next. But customers still want good quality content to consume from their vendors. It must be thoughtful, and carefully planned. It must show instant credibility and demonstrate trust and assuredness.

Contemsa recently worked with mission-critical hosting provider, C24 (now part of the Six Degrees Group), on a whitepaper about how Predictive Analytics is shaking up the world of retail. We created a 3000 word document, across 5 pages – showing research and insights into how analytics can transform retail supply chains and in-store experiences.

Technology Content MarketingBut we also did something different to engage more readers. Some people are put off by lengthy reports, some love it. It’s a matter of taste. Can you always be sure you get the right content in front of the right person? Do you have a range of content types to support prospects that prefer information represented in a more visual way?

Contemsa, therefore, created a visual infographic-style report to go along with the main whitepaper. If customers wanted to find out more, they could always go and download the full whitepaper. If they just wanted a snapshot of the information – they could read the visual report and get the main points.

Technology Content Marketing

We also created a series of blog posts to support the whitepaper, exploring some of the themes in more depth and helping with promotion – enabling the Marketing Director and Data Analytics Lead at C24 to publish on LinkedIn and the company blogs.

Take a look at the full whitepaper below:


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