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Categorising Accounts 2 – The Template and how you should use it

Categorising Accounts 2 – The Template and how you should use it 526 350 Contemsa

In the last post, we looked at why it was important to categorise your accounts into Acquire, Develop, Farm and Dismiss.  This is known as territory planning and forms part of your overall Territory Business Plan – in fact, it should be the underlying basis of all of your strategic territory objectives.

As a recap, categorising your accounts in a new territory, whether you have 4 or 400 is important for the following reasons:

  • Keeping your current buying customers happy
  • Ensuring that customers who buy a little from you now buy more
  • Remaining on the lookout for new acquisition accounts and prospecting
  • Qualifying out customers who do not have a need for your product solution, or do not have the finance/resources/scale to buy from you.

In this post, I have attached the template that you can use to start to list your accounts.  At this stage, all that is needed is to list the accounts into the sections and then as we move on I will share more info about next steps and information collection on the accounts we have segmented.  For each section, the objective is to come away with a tailored strategy to increase our win rates in these accounts.

Use this template to categorise your accounts at a high level.