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Contemsa creates an innovative whiteboard selling video for applications hoster, C24

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Contemsa has created a fresh and simple whiteboard video for Midlands based, applications hosting provider, C24 Ltd.  The video was created to help C24 give customers a ‘flavour’ of the culture, energy and passion that C24 has, in a way that potential new customers can access remotely and via their website.

The video was created based on a recording of a conversation between Contemsa and C24 Ltd, about how C24 differentiate themselves in the market.  We did it in this way to create a more informal atmosphere, similar to if C24 were speaking directly with a client, rather than reading a formal script.

Contemsa then created a whiteboard and video to map out the C24 messages so that customers could see C24’s information, as well as hearing it.


Watch the video here: