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UK sales enablement firm, Contemsa (previously known as The Sales Way), has been featured on the Guardian’s Small Business Network, detailing how we work with clients and our approach to PR and Marketing.Contemsa - Guardian Small Business

Contemsa entered the Guardian’s Small Business Showcase competition, which focuses on recognising excellence in small business PR and marketing activities.

Take a look at our entry, published online at the Guardian Small Business website here.

Here is an extract of our published entry:

Name: Contemsa Ltd

Contemsa creates dynamic, visual sales training. However, we soon realised that we weren’t following our own advice about sales messaging and solution marketing.

When presenting solutions and ideas from Contemsa, we would be very wordy and information heavy, however this was the opposite of the advice we were giving to our clients! We quickly realised that we needed to interact with clients through our marketing, blogposts and general PR by being more visual, and mapping out our ideas graphically rather than boring customers with long, protracted descriptions.

We have now started to redesign our marketing materials so that they follow the same principles as the ones we use when designing client sales enablement content. This has helped us to be more concise with our messaging and better able to explain our proposition quickly and concisely to clients when marketing and prospecting. We now aim to further drive this methodology throughout the entire business’s operations for simpler communication.

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