Contemsa publishes HP case study for our work with enabling their Services Team

Contemsa has just published our case study for our work with Hewlett-Packard (HP) in delivering clear and concise battlecards to HP’s UK Packaged Consultancy Services team to help with the launch of their new service offerings.


Hewlett-Packard needed a quick and simple solution to get their channel partners up to speed on their new Packaged Consultancy Services solution.  HP have extensive expertise in delivering consultancy services to enterprise customers, but recently launched a new go-to-market solution, which meant the services could now be packaged into easy to quote, deliver and consume carepacks.

To assist HP in upskilling their channel partners in articulating the key messaging around the Packaged Services solution, Contemsa created a number of battlecards to demonstrate why resellers would benefit from selling HP’s consultancy carepacks.  Contemsa also created a product messaging overview to help the resellers’ sales teams start to have strategic conversations with their customers and confidently position HP’s Packaged Consultancy Services.


HP now have clear, coherent and effective sales content to share with their resellers, enabling their sales teams to position the consultancy services with their customers sooner, rather than later.  This means that HP has a better chance of growing their services sales across the UK through their strategic channel base.

Clare Brown, HP’s Packaged Consultancy Services Lead, who launch the new solutions, commented, “The solution briefing content created for us by Contemsa really helps us in enabling our channel partners to speak to customers with confidence about HP’s Packaged Consultancy Services.”

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