Find out how content marketing helped drive revenue for analytics and hosting company, C24

Contemsa helped Midlands based cloud and analytics firm, C24, to drive a thought leadership and content marketing campaign into the UK legal technology sector.

C24 originally approached Contemsa to help them promote their business analytics software solution, BI24, within the legal sector. This was to be achieved by showcasing the expertise within C24 in the legal sector. Contemsa was chosen due to our experience delivering technology content marketing solutions to the UK tech sector.


The objectives for the content solution we delivered were:

  • Engage new legal sector clients by demonstrating C24’s industry specialised skill set.
  • Encourage more strategic conversations between C24 and clients.
  • Provide more value to C24’s partners by creating partner-shareable collateral.
  • Increase awareness of C24’s achievements in the legal sector.
  • Enhance C24’s reputation as thought leaders in the legal technology space.

Contemsa started the project by firstly conducting an in-depth review of the legal market alongside C24’s sales and marketing team. This included critically reviewing the challenges legal clients were facing, then understanding how the market was moving to react to those challenges effectively. Only then could we start to position where BI24 would help to address these issues faced by law firms and better articulate the tangible outcomes of their software solution.

Contemsa then supported C24’s marketing team in formulating key messaging around how to position BI24 with legal sector clients and how sales teams could articulate the strategic business outcomes that could be gained from working with BI24.

To support the sales campaign, Contemsa researched technology trends across the legal space and wider analytics topics to inform our content production. We then wrote two whitepapers around the impact of business analytics within legal businesses; with a particular focus on how business intelligence could be employed to assist with business generation activities for a law firm.

This took the conversation away from products, features and benefits; and moved it towards discussing how C24 could help law firms to change their businesses and operations for the better. By taking this more strategic approach, C24 were able to develop conversations with customers that were focused on business strategy, rather than engaging in traditional sales conversations and telemarketing. These whitepapers were shared with existing and prospective customers during meetings and phone calls, and also at events as valuable giveaways.

To promote the launch of the whitepapers, Contemsa wrote a number of blog posts and articles that C24 published across their social media platforms, which helped to drive awareness and encourage more visitors to C24’s website. This meant that C24 had a consistent and regular stream of content being shared with customers to maximise the outcomes from the investment made in the whitepapers.

The whitepapers were also submitted to industry leading online magazines such as Legal IT Insider to ensure maximum visibility across the sector.


Due to the strategic business approach taken in the content production of the whitepapers and blog posts, it was much easier for the content pieces to be picked up by the media as the focus of the information was strategic and valuable, rather than sales directed.

This led to one of the whitepapers being published online by Legal IT Insider, an online magazine (and print magazine) that attracts over 52,000 visitors to the site each month.

Quotes from the whitepapers were also referenced by Raconteur magazine, a print magazine that goes out with the Times newspaper, in their Legal Efficiency section for a news piece on the “Point of Information”.

This resulted in C24’s executives being interviewed for a follow on piece in the Law Society Gazette, titled, “Big Data: too much information”. The Law Society Gazette is read by 85% of solicitors every week and has over 663,000 online readers per month. This demonstrates the impact that quality, strategic content can have when developing a joined up content marketing campaign.

C24 then hosted a business roundtable event for experts in the legal sector to discuss business analytics in the law firm, which resulted in a comprehensive interview piece in Business Insider magazine.

To support the whitepapers, we also submitted articles to leading online magazines focused on the sector, and had an article on choosing the right cloud for your legal firm published on


The outcomes of the above work and results crossed a number of areas in C24’s sales and marketing campaign:

  • There was increased web traffic across C24’s website and social media platforms, resulting in more ‘follows’, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ for better awareness and visibility.
  • New prospect conversations become more strategic and instead focused on industry trends rather than products.
  • C24’s sales teams now had collateral to share with customers to demonstrate how BI24 could assist with developing more profitable growth strategies; sparking a new type of conversation with customers.
  • At events and exhibitions, C24 had already generated a degree of awareness with new prospects prior to the event to assist with starting new conversations.
  • Increased blog posting, social media sharing and features on other industry blogs meant that C24 is now easier to find online for their chosen keywords; resulting in leads being developed outside and in conjunction with traditional telemarketing efforts.
  • C24 are now seen as experts in the UK legal business analytics and hosting space which is a significant differentiator from other tech suppliers in the industry.

David Ricketts, Head of Sales and Marketing at C24, commented, “Contemsa’s content development and creation has enabled C24 to get the message out about the great work we are doing in the legal sector.  So often, information is created internally and never sees the light of day, so customers just don’t know about it.  Now, we are focused on keeping our customers up to date with what we are doing at a strategic level in the sectors where we engage, whilst developing a strong brand identity as a thought leader in business analytics and hosting”.           


We were so pleased to work on this campaign with C24 and the BI24 product as the team were already experts in the hosting and analytics arena for the legal sector, yet their customers and new prospects just weren’t aware to what degree.  Therefore our content marketing campaign was focused on getting those critical internal messages out to customers and prospects.

This consistent and regular approach to content marketing has meant that C24 is developing a strong position as a thought leader in the sector, and is regularly approached by media outlets for their views on analytics and legal sector technology.

To continue this good work, C24 is now integrating content marketing and thought leadership development into every sales and marketing campaign to ensure a comprehensive and joined up approach to all sales activities.

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