Creating Effective Sales Messaging – Podcast

Hey – we made it to Episode 6 of The Sales Way Podcast!

In this episode, we go into a super simple framework for how to create effective sales messaging – and provide a simple framework for how to build your own sales messaging from scratch. Here’s the podcast episode with the edited transcript below:

This week’s episode follows on from Episode 5 from the podcast where we looked at how to tailor your sales messaging, across Company Messaging, Industry Messaging, Product Messaging, Buyer Messaging and more.

A framework for Sales Messaging success

Here is a simple framework we use with clients to help them start to build their Sales Messaging:

  • The types of organizations you are focusing on
    • For example, are you targeting the Education sector? If so, then what types of educational institutions? Primary schools? Or universities?
    • For each organization ‘type’, your messaging can be tailored to best target that particular organization so that the messaging best resonates with buyers.
  • The buyer roles within those organizations
    • Who are you targeting within those organizations? What messaging will you use for the Finance Director at your customers versus the IT Director?
    • What issues are these buyers focusing on? What are they talking about online? What are they trying to do?
  • Challenges your customers are facing
    • Your sales messaging needs to align to your customers’ challenges – and these challenges can be segmented into the different organization types that you’re targeting.
  • End points that your customers are trying to reach
    • By this, we mean the aspirational end position your customers want to reach – what does life look like when they’ve achieved their goals?
    • Where are they trying to get to? What does success look like?
    • How does your sales messaging speak to that?
  • How your product aligns
    • Of course, everything comes back to aligning your product to these challenges and aspirational end points for your customer.
    • Try to align your product to each individual challenge and objective if you can.
  • Keywords and industry terminology
    • What industry buzzwords should you be using in your sales messaging?
    • What important keywords do you want to focus on for your SEO efforts? (As your sales messaging should flow down hierarchically from core sales messaging, to web copy, to campaign content etc)
  • Sector trends and news
    • What are the big sector trends and news items that you need to touch on in your sales messaging? It may not flow into your core messaging, but you will need to touch on key industry trends in your web copy and solution messaging.

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