Contemsa is featured in the Guardian’s “Home Innovation” business section

Contemsa, a UK sales enablement consultancy who specialise in creating sales playbooks and whiteboard presentation guides for the technology industry, has been featured on the Guardian’s Small Business website in the “Home Innovation” category.

The Guardian Small Business hub publishes innovative stories and examples of SME companies in the UK taking interesting and creative steps to set-up, manage and run their businesses.  Contemsa entered a showcase to demonstrate how they are innovative in running their home-based sales enablement consultancy and were successful in being featured on the Guardian’s national website.

Contemsa creates sales training playbooks and presentation solutions for technology companies in the UK, to help them have more valuable, credible and consistent conversations with their clients.  Contemsa offers this cost-effective service out to clients who want to grow their business and revenue without the high costs traditionally associated with onsite sales training and classroom sessions.

Contemsa also uses cloud computing to access technology services when and how they need it, without having to invest in onsite IT infrastructure to run their operations.  Contemsa also told the Guardian about how they use VOIP and web solutions to communicate with their virtual assistant, based overseas – so that interactions and communication occurs in real-time without delay.  This means that location and working hours become irrelevant and the working day is much more flexible to mould to clients’ needs.

The full transcript of the published piece is detailed below, and the original text can be accessed at the Guardian’s Small Business Showcase Home Innovation website.

Contemsa helps companies have more valuable and credible sales conversations with customers. We do this by creating visual training aids that enable salespeople to have articulate and well-informed discussions with their clients.

When I started the business, I needed to deliver creative solutions to clients in a location-independent way so that I could travel between clients and still deliver a connected and responsive service.

I did this by utilising cloud storage to sync documents between devices and I used Skype to provide an office phone number for the business, which would allow me to forward any calls to my mobile when travelling. That way, clients and new prospects could still keep in touch with me, wherever I went.

In order for me to continue running the business from home as the company expands, I decided to hire a full-time virtual assistant based overseas. Employing locally would have meant renting an office which would have been a huge outlay early on in the business. I keep in touch with my virtual employee through Skype, email and Evernote, which is a note-taking application that lets you share information easily. We are now trialling different collaboration tools to enable us to work on designs and documents without having to meet in person.

By using technology effectively, I have grown the business from home while keeping my costs down so that my service is cost-efficient to clients yet also scalable.”

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