How To Create a Sales Playbook Presentation

How to Create a Dynamic B2B Sales Playbook

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Top performing companies are TWICE as likely to use Sales Playbooks compared to their average performing competitors, and research shows that b2b sales playbooks enable companies to develop better customer relationships and increase average deal sizes (Research: Aberdeen Group).

In the B2B space, they are a fundamental part of the sales enablement and training process.

Do you have a Sales Playbook in place?

Our B2B Sales Playbook Template Pack has everything you need to create your own sales playbook today – with Microsoft Word Sales Playbook templates and a 60 page ebook guiding you through every step of the sales playbook creation process.

Ten Sections to Include In Your Sales Playbook

We’ve put together a presentation to show you ten critical sections to include in your next sales playbook. If you need more detail, then head over to our Playbook Section to get more help and guidance.