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Infographic – Why do we need sales enablement

Infographic – Why do we need sales enablement 525 350 Contemsa

Download our infographic showing why sales enablement and effective sales training is so important for businesses.  Facts and figures are from Forrester, IDC and Outbound Excellence.


A few key headline figures:

Only 62% of sellers were  knowledgeable about their company and products

– That’s their own products.  If your customer doesn’t think that you know about your own company and products then what chance do you have in convincing them to buy your product?  This is a really simple one…
Only 22% of sellers can understand the buyer’s issues and where they can help
– This is a little trickier to solve, but if only 22% of salespeople that buyers are seeing are showing that they understand the buyer’s issues and see where they can help (and how their product solves that problem) – then the salesperson really isn’t doing their job.


Sales enablement seeks to give sales people a holistic view of their buyer’s market, challenges, initiatives and objectives, so that sellers can effectively match their product offering to those challenges and enable the customer to reach their objectives (and more).