9 Resources for Creating Your Sales Playbook

…9 incredibly useful resources to show you everything you could possibly ever need to know about how to write a playbook!

Ok, that’s a big claim. Let’s make good on it.

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We’ve written aaaaaaalot about sales playbooks over the years. Playbooks are our bread and butter. We’ve created them for corporates, interviewing their subject matter experts and compiling all of the juicy info into a concise, ready-to-go, field-ready playbook to give to their sales teams.

And we’ve also created sales playbook templates for companies to create their own playbooks. In addition to publishing LOADS of free resources and guides about how to create your own playbook.

So, it’s safe to say, we kinda know what we’re talking about when it comes to Sales Playbooks.

But all of that info is spread over lots of different posts, videos, resources and guides. So we decided to create a list of 9 really useful resources or articles that you need to check out if you’re starting on your Sales Playbook journey.

So if you’re wondering how to write a sales playbook, these 9 resources will absolutely be of interest to you.

1: The Definitive (and FREE) Guide To Creating Your Sales Playbook

How to use the playbook

This mega guide has so much useful info in it for helping you to create your Sales Playbook – whether you’re at the beginning of planning your playbook, or you’re already in the middle of building a company playbook for your teams.

It touches on the different sections to include, a drill down on 10 important sections, and some of the common questions people have when trying to create a sales playbook.

We recommend anyone wondering how to write a playbook for their sales team to review this free guide first.

2: 10 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Playbook

Sales Playbook Overview Section Header 1 (14)

Sometimes a Marketing or Sales Exec will be tasked with creating a playbook, without really knowing the reasons why they’ve been asked to do it! It’s really important to think about why you need a playbook, and what you’re hoping it will actually deliver for you and your company.

In this article, we round up 10 common reasons why companies develop their own sales playbooks – some of the ‘whys’ will probably chime with your own.

3: The Sales Way Podcast – Episodes 1 and 2

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In Episodes 1 and 2 of The Sales Way Podcast, I talk about some key considerations when creating your sales playbook, and why you should be involving salespeople in the creation of your playbook (rather than leaving them until the end when the playbook is complete).

4: VIDEO: How to Create a Professional and Dynamic Sales Playbook

How To Create a Sales Playbook Presentation

In this recorded webinar, I talk through how to create a professional, dynamic and credible Sales Playbook for your business, focusing on some important sections and what you need to ask yourself when creating the playbook at each stage.

5: Examples of Sales Playbooks

Sales-Playbook-Example-Blog-Contemsa (10)
An example of a Sales Playbook we found online.

One thing we often get asked, is: can you give me any examples of a sales playbook people are actually using. So, we created a round up of some playbooks that are readily available and published online (please note: these are NOT playbooks created by us).

This is one of our most popular articles – and we look at each playbook and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down with some recommendations about how to improve.

6: Free Guide: 10 Sections to Include in Your Sales Playbook

10 Sections to Include in Your Sales Playbook - Download

We created a free ebook on the 10 key sections that every sales playbook absolutely must have, from a stellar elevator pitch through to how to handle objections.

It gives you pointers on each of the sections, and then gives you questions to draw out the info for your sales playbook. One of the main things we get asked when people want to know how to write a playbook, is simply, ‘what sections should I include?’ Companies often fall into the trap of focusing solely on their product, but in this guide, we show you how to include more useful sections which will deliver real value for your readers.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get started with a comprehensive playbook, following the guidance in this free guide would get you there.

7: VIDEO: Getting Started with Sales Playbooks

Getting Started with Sales Playbooks Video

If you’re at the beginning of your playbook creation journey, then this mini video will help you to understand why you should create a sales playbook and the different types of playbook you can build.

8: B2B Sales Playbook Template

Sales Playbook Template - Red Example

Ok, so it’s not free, but it’s a comprehensive, everything-you-need-pack of goodness that will give you a ready-to-go, industry-leading Sales Playbook. We think it’s rather good. But, we might be a bit biased!

9: The Different Types of Company Playbooks (and why you need them)

We wrote an article for Business2Community about the different playbooks a company can have, and why they might need a playbook depending on what challenges they are facing, or what they’re trying to achieve with their sales revenues and activities.

So hopefully that’s given you some pointers about how to get started writing your own playbook – we’re always adding more resources to our Sales Hub so check it out if you need anything else Sales Enablement related!

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