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Sales Enablement Perspectives from the Tech Sector: Voodoo Technology

Sales Enablement Perspectives from the Tech Sector: Voodoo Technology 525 350 Contemsa

At Manchester’s recent IP EXPO event, we had the opportunity to speak with Doug Drummond from Voodoo Technology.  Here is our interview with Doug:

Why is Voodoo Technology visiting the expo today?

I am Doug Drummond, the founder and CTO of Voodoo Technology Limited, based in Lime Street in London. Both myself and business partner Paul Scully are at IP EXPO in order to see the latest competition and what is currently being offered as a solution in the cyber security and data governance industry as well as catch up with our current vendors.

What are you here to talk to customers about over the next two days?

We are speaking about how we can offer solutions as a whole package in order to save businesses costs within their risk and compliance departments. Risk within IT and data management is increasing as technology and software evolve and it is an ongoing issue with data breaches rising rapidly. We want our customers to realise that it is not if they get hacked but when. It could be an external source trying to hack or somebody inside the company, which is why monitoring your data, is vital.

Many industry analysts are citing the “end of the B2B sales person – what is your view as someone working within sales in the tech industry?

We use a variety of methods within Voodootec to bring in clients. We have a very robust set of clients but are always seeking to help new people. Our sales team does very well with their targets and as cyber security and risk management are increasing in the current affairs, we are finding many people approaching our business development team asking for solutions. I think whether you operate a B2B or B2C business, people will always buy from people that they trust so it’s about investing in people and training to build the right team.

With enterprise technology becoming increasingly complex and solutions converging (i.e. hardware vendors moving into cloud and vice versa) how do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

We offer a variety of solutions meaning that we can tailor our products and meet any client’s needs regarding the best solution for any sized enterprise. We ensure all the software and technology that we offer is up to date and the best on the market so that we can always stay ahead of the game.

How do you see sales and customer engagement changing over the next 5 – 10 years? (i.e. social media etc)

We use a variety of methods. We have a team of business development managers, have used lead generation telesales and also a digital marketing agency to generate new business. Each one uses different methods and has different aspects to their results. I think customer engagement and loyalty is vital and we always ensure our customers are looked after. Social media is just another avenue of online marketing; as long as the leads are coming in we have a team that nurtures our clients.

To recap, what one thing do you want customers to leave the expo remembering about Voodoo Technology?

That we care about the people we work with and will always under promise and over deliver. We always have up to date solutions in order to keep ahead of trends and insights. Our customers can always reach us and have a loyal relationship with Paul and myself directly.


Find out more about Voodoo Technology at:

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