The Sales Playbook Template Pack is Here!

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The Sales Playbook Template Pack is here and ready to download! If you’re looking to create your team’s sales training content and want to download a playbook template – then we’ve got you covered!

We’ve taken over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience creating Sales Playbooks for B2b companies and put all of that learning into a simple to fill in template that companies can use to create their own Sales Playbooks.

The Sales Playbook pack includes everything you need to create your own playbook:

  • Microsoft Word and PPT format versions of the Sales Playbook Template
  • 60 page ebook to guide you step by step through the Sales Playbook creation process
  • Microsoft Word and PPT format Sales Battlecard Templates
  • Additional supporting templates to help you complete your Sales Playbook, including:
    • Feedback Sheet
    • Questions Template
    • Sales Messaging Template
    • Features, Benefits and Outcomes Template

Available in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Formats

Because many of our customers use Microsoft Word for many of their documents, we’ve created a Microsoft Word Template version of the Sales Playbook, along with a PowerPoint version, so that anyone is able to update and edit the playbook for maximum accessibility.

How the Playbook Template works

In the pack, you’ll get access to a 50 page ebook that guides you through the entire playbook creation process. In addition, you receive a number of templates to support the creation of your playbook. For example, we include a template to help you create your product’s sales messaging.

Once you have created the content you can input it into the Sales Playbook Template, and use our Feedback Sheet and Questioning Template to collect insights from your audience and subject matter experts.

Sales Battlecard Template

We also include a Sales Battlecard template for you to create, to support your Sales Playbook content.

Access the Sales Playbook Template Pack now.

Get started today.

Download your Sales Playbook Template Pack and get editing.

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