The Sales Way has rebranded to Contemsa!

Well, we have finally done it.  Or are doing it.  Somewhere in between ‘done it’ and ‘doing it’.  I’m talking about rebranding The Sales Way to Contemsa. Everything else has stayed the same, there’s no new company, just a name change and rebrand.

Why have we decided to rebrand to Contemsa?

When we started in December 2013, our focus was on delivering sales enablement solutions across sales playbooks and some Key Account Management training activities, so ‘The Sales Way’ name fitted what we did.

But, over the past 4 years, we’ve expanded and changed direction.  Our focus is content, so sales playbooks are still at the heart of what we do, in addition to content marketing across thought leadership, blogs, social media content, whitepapers, case studies and more.

Many people often, understandably, assumed we were sales trainers and we were asked regularly to deliver sales training.  But that’s not what we do – we’re all about the content and creating tools and content to support sales and marketing initiatives.

Another reason is that we have recently launched our online B2B sales tool, My Sales Academy, which will sit under the Contemsa brand.

So there are two sides to Contemsa: our online tool, My Sales Academy, or our services: content marketing and creation.

One other reason for the change is that we were never able to trademark ‘The Sales Way’ because it was descriptive, whereas we’ve been able to secure Contemsa as a trademark, giving us the confidence to grow over the long term with a trademark we own.

How did the name “Contemsa” come about?

We worked hard on coming up with the name.  You should see the lists of different variations in my notebook.  We wanted something that fulfilled a few different outcomes:

  • We wanted to be able to trademark it.  Some people don’t think it’s important but for our future plans we really felt it was important to have the protected brand, especially as we continue to develop further products to run alongside our services.
  • We needed something that we could own on different platforms; and in a world where nearly every name is taken up, we had to be more creative in coming up with a name.
  • From an SEO perspective, it took us over a year to get on the first page of Google as The Sales Way is a phrase.  It comes up in lots of articles, so we had to work hard with organic content marketing practices to show up.  And we did.  But because Contemsa is a made-up word, we were on the top rank after a few days.  Now we have to work on building our marketing up to maintain our position there.
  • We needed something general enough that could encompass both sides of the business; the services and the online sales tool.  We’ve been keeping them fairly separate; like two separate businesses.  But now they can come together under the one brand.

Contemsa LogoWhat does the name ‘Contemsa’ mean?

Contemsa is actually a merge of two of our focus areas: Conte from content and MSA from My Sales Academy.  Put them together and you get Contemsa!

It’s also nice and easy for people to remember, just one word.

Another issue we had with The Sales Way is that it did confuse people about how it was written.  We’d be referred to as ‘Sales Way’ or ‘the salesway’ or ‘salesway’.  Not such a big deal, but it impacts on brand awareness and SEO if people are trying to find you.

The biggest reason of all is that it didn’t reflect what we do anymore.  We would have to explain what our services were and often try to change perceptions of what people initially thought we did.  We shouldn’t be expecting the customer to do the hard work in understanding what we do, that should be something we make completely clear and straightforward for our customers and prospects.


We’re starting to move things over to the new brand, the website will be going to the new website, and the social media accounts will start to change over.


Let us know what you think of the new brand!  Find out more about our services:

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