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Tech Sales Leaders at the Manchester IP Expo: Mark James – ESET

Tech Sales Leaders at the Manchester IP Expo: Mark James – ESET 1024 351 Contemsa

At Manchester’s IP Expo last week, we spoke to Mark James from ESET about his speech and presentation at the Expo and his views on social media in the workplace.

Read on to find out what Mark had to say.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and ESET.

My name is Mark James and I am the Security Specialist for ESET.  I originally started in technical support but now look after PR and communications for ESET, doing interviews and technical speaking on behalf of ESET.  ESET started off as a single anti-virus program that was written to pick up a virus that the original developer had, but he then found that his friends and colleagues had experienced the same issue, so the company developed from there.  We are now in over 180 countries, dealing with internet security from an end point and server point of view, along with encryption and anything and everything to do with internet security on the desktop and server.

What are you here to talk to people about today at the IP Expo in Manchester?

It’s about end point and server security, we’re trying to make people aware that not all software is built the same.  For instance, is your security software multi-level – we’re talking to people about not putting all your faith in a single product and that you are aware of the different security threats going around.

Are you B2B or B2C focused?

We sell to both consumers and businesses, we have a home product too.  We don’t focus on any one market, it can be both of those markets.

What was your presentation at IP Expo about today?

I spoke at ten o’ clock today (Wednesday), all the seats were filled and everybody seemed to be engaged.  The topic of the speech today was about clickjacking and likejacking on Facebook.  It’s a difficult one, because Facebook is quite an important tool for people but users need to be aware of the sort of threats to look out for.  Quite often, you can look at some of the threats coming through on Facebook and think, “Hey, does that look real? Does that really look like I’m going to end up with that car or this video?”.  It’s just awareness and education at the end of the day.

How do you engage with customers typically?

We have a partner and affiliate system, we also sell direct and have web sales.  Pretty well any and every way we can engage, we do.  We are the sole distributor for the UK so everybody that purchases ESET has to come through us one way or another.  We have a trial basis where people can test the product.  We have territory sales managers who are out on the road dealing with customers and going in to see end users and resellers to grow our business.  We have account managers within the office who deal with the day to day account activities.

Is the way sales teams engage with customers and acquire new customers changing?

Yes certainly, social media is a great way of expanding the marketing experience and getting your message out there.  You can target one person but you are in fact targeting the network of people associated with them so I think that social media, and not just Facebook, has a place in business – providing they are looked after and seen as a possible attack point and look at it like you would look at any other form of advertising to see whether it works for you.

What one thing do you want people to go away and remember about ESET today after talking with you?

That ESET’s tool has a low system footprint, so it’s about making the user experience as good as it possibly can be, without impacting the way users do business and operate.


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