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Tech Sales Leaders at the Manchester IP Expo: Mike English, Cetus Solutions

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At Manchester’s IP Expo this week, we discussed how the technology sales industry is changing and how Cetus Solutions differentiates their offering from the competition with Mike English, Managing Director at Cetus Solutions.

Read on for our interview with Mike.

Can you give a quick introduction to Cetus Solutions?

I’m the Managing Director of Cetus Solutions, but I’m also a Corporate Account Director for some of our large accounts across the country. We build IT infrastructure solutions, from London to Manchester to Glasgow.

And what are you speaking to customers about today at the IP Expo?

We deliver the whole solution, rather than just specific products and we are hoping to talk to lots of customers today who are looking for that difference and a more advanced technology approach. We’ve spoken to a range of people today about how Cetus can deliver the entire solution stack end to end.

How do you differentiate yourself within such a competitive technology market?

The rate and pace of change in the industry is tremendous and it’s difficult for even tech companies to keep up with. The difference with a company like Cetus, is that we don’t want to sell on problems to our customers, so the solutions have to be sound and work really well for our clients. What Cetus does is to design and build organisations’ infrastructure, regardless of where it is – whether that’s on premise, in a private cloud or in a public cloud. It doesn’t really matter to us, it’s about what the customer wants.

We have our own datacentres but we also work with datacentre partners in certain scenarios, for instance if a customer wanted an active/active datacentre set up between two London locations then we may partner to deliver the best solution to the client.

How does Cetus engage with customers from a sales perspective?

Cetus Solutions aren’t a hard selling organisation, we thrive and sell on referencability and case studies, so a lot of our work is about getting in front of our customers and demonstrating what we do. We work at a very commercial level so it’s all about what the customer’s business really needs and the business case that underpins that. We’ve built our own model that we use with clients where we can input customer information and numbers to have a look at the business case output and the return on investment level for clients. It’s always about the customer, and no two customers are the same. Every customer solution is bespoke and different.

We have a seminar starting shortly at the Expo where we are presenting a customer case study and how they have worked with Cetus to achieve their business objectives, so referencability is central to how we engage.

How has social media impacted how your sales teams engage?

Our marketing has historically been about investing in generating new customer opportunities but more recently it’s about the brand promotion, and we are seeing a lot more traction but also feedback – social media has meant that it’s much easier to track and measure marketing returns.

If someone is going to go away and remember one key takeaway from Cetus today, what do you want that to be?

It’s all about the customer. We design the solutions based around you – it’s not about what we are selling, it’s about what you want.