UK Sales Training in the Technology Sector – What’s not working

Sales Training is often short-lived, expensive and forgotten as soon as everyone walks out of the conference room.  They only came for the free lunch anyway.

It is also very difficult for generalist sales trainers to have a real impact on your sales force, who are selling extremely complex and strategic solutions to fix difficult customer issues.  The technology sector is like no other sector, and traditional sales training does not work in such a fast-paced and complicated environment.

In the technology sector, customer engagements are built on strategic foundations, where the salesperson comes to be perceived as a ‘trusted advisor’.  The sales cycles typically range in length from months to years depending on the complexity of the solution, and generalist sales training programmes cannot address the skill needed for this type of sales engagement.

New product launches can be difficult to communicate to the sales force effectively, further delaying your deal wins and revenues.

Contemsa can help by complementing your existing sales training programmes by creating dynamic, clear sales literature and content to support new product and solution launches, enable your sales teams to clearly articulate your company strategy, and also deliver dynamic and articulate solution presentations and pitches.

The tough economic environment means that companies need to look to more innovative ideas when enabling their sales force, and solutions that help you to deliver tangible ROI on your sales training investments, whilst being tailored to your company’s needs, solutions and culture, will enable you to stay ahead of the competition and remain dynamic and innovative in a complex market.

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