What is a Sales Playbook?

What is a Sales Playbook? 560 315 Contemsa

Playbooks are used within companies for a range of different purposes, across training up new sales representatives or as an onboarding resource for new employees. They are also used to train employees on how to position new products or services.

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What are the different types of playbook?

Sales Playbook
A Sales Playbook is your crib sheet for your product, service or company. Some organisations have just one Sales Playbook, while some have a Playbook for each product they sell. It is like a simple guide for anyone selling your product or service which educates them on how to position your product, the challenges customers are facing in the market, and how to align your product to those challenges, and manage common objections – plus a whole load of extra useful sales information.

Company Playbook
A Company Playbook is a guide to your company – basically, what your company does and why. It usually includes a company overview, company history, what you do for your customers, how you engage with your customers, your mission and value statements and how you operate.

Operations Playbook
An Operations Playbook is all about how you deliver your services to customers. So, for example, an Operations Playbook for a restaurant might explain the steps that waiting staff go through when looking after a restaurant guest, from whether guests wait to be seated, to how you greet new customers. It’s your playbook for how to operate.

Reseller or Channel Playbook
Many organisations create Channel Playbooks for their reseller community to give them the information and tools to go and sell their products – all in one central playbook structure. This can be a mix of a company playbook and a sales playbook – demonstrating how to sell particular products and services and how resellers should engage with the vendor and partner ecosystem.

Why do you need a Sales Playbook?

How do your teams handle common customer objections? Can everyone pitch your solution or product succinctly? Is your sales messaging consistent?

We often speak to organisations who have all of this information, but it’s disjointed – sitting in brochures, websites and customer proposals. A sales playbook brings this information together into one document for a consistent approach to sales success.

How do you create a Sales Playbook?

Creating a Sales Playbook is a lengthy process, however, it is a useful activity to go through for many companies.

For help creating your own sales playbook, use our handy Sales Playbook Template Pack: https://contemsa.com/playbook

  • We start by interviewing you to understand what you want to achieve from your sales playbook. It’s a good question, because organisations have different motivators for creating a sales playbook.
    For example, are you launching a new product and need to educate the sales team on this product? Are you recruiting for a number of new sales reps and need to quickly onboard them? Or, is it an existing product and an existing sales team, but you want to increase sales and effectiveness? Depending on the answers to these questions, the focus for the sales playbook will vary – and so will the questions we ask.
  • We then interview your selected experts – these could be technical contacts combined with sales leaders from across your company. Always try to make sure you get a good balance of views – not too technical, but also not too light on detail so that your teams have all the info they need when they go out to talk to customers.
  • Next, we review any supporting internal documentation you have that could be integrated into the playbook – after all, it makes sense for your messaging to be consistent across your brochures, proposals and playbooks.
  • Then, we pull all of the different interviews and supporting documentation together and start to build the playbook and design the layout.
  • When we have a first draft ready, we liaise back with you to check we are on the right track and build feedback into the playbook.

The process continues in a cycle of feedback and iterate until we reach a Sales Playbook structure that confidently articulates your company, your products and services and helps sales reps with how to engage with clients to start the conversation.

Can I get a Sales Playbook template?

We’ve put together a Sales Playbook Pack where you can get 3 different designs of Sales Playbook templates, plus a comprehensive how-to ebook on creating your sales playbook. Access details for the Sales Playbook Pack here: https://contemsa.com/playbook/

Are there any free resources to help me create my own Sales Playbook?

We’ve put together a free guide on the Top Ten Sections to Include in Your Sales Playbook – download it here. These are ten critical areas that every sales playbook needs – we often include a number of additional sections in our playbooks to add more richness to the sales conversations of our customers – you can access these additional sections and the sales playbook template over in the Sales Playbook Pack.

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  • Moving from selling to engaging with customers - how to leverage B2B content and sales playbooks to grow your business.

Create your own Sales Playbook

Get the templates and resources to create your own Sales Playbook.