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Xerox launches new sales enablement portal

Xerox launches new sales enablement portal 515 350 Contemsa

Adding to the growing list of vendors focusing on their channel sales strategy, Xerox has launched its SMART Centre to give channel partners access to lots of marketing and sales training content.  The print vendor recognises that its channel partners need the same quality content enjoyed by the manufacturer’s direct sales teams.

ChannelPro reported that Jason Watson, the VP of Sales Enablement at Xerox, said, “We have an enormous portfolio and sales people can take a long time to get to grips with that, this came to light when we were working on the site in collaboration with our partners.”

The site also includes live RSS feeds to track social media activity on relevant industry trends and developments to allow channel partners to be up to date with the latest info.

IT is synonymous with creating reams of documentation for their sales and channel partners to digest, so a mobile-friendly, easy to digest training portal will be welcomed by Xerox’s resellers across the UK.