Professional and Compelling Case Study Template Documents

Microsoft Word case study templates and how-to guides to make your customer stories fly.

Case Study Covers and Guide to creating your Business Case Study

Case Study Templates and Guide

What’s included in the Case Study Template Pack:

  • 30 x Microsoft Word Case Study Templates 
  • Long-form and short-form template versions to choose from (15 long-form templates and 15 short-form templates)
  • Templates available in 6 different color options
  • A 30-page guide on how to write and create your business case study
  • Case Study Request Email Template
  • Case Study Release Form
  • Case Study Questions File

“The Sales Playbook templates and instructional ebook gave us a ready-to-go playbook which we could hand out to new starters and resellers, ultimately quickening up the sales process.”

“The Reseller and Sales Playbook Templates will help us to accelerate our global partner program delivery and standardise our partner documentation.”

“It was easy to adjust the Case Study Pack files to match our own branding and the ebook gave us step by step instructions for creating a professional Case Study.”

30 Microsoft Word editable Case Study Template documents to download.

Plus all the email templates and guides you need to manage a professional case study process.

Comprehensive Guide to Case Studies

Case Study Template Microsoft Word 7

We’ve included an info-packed 30 page guide on how to create a compelling business case study – walking you through each step with sample text to help you create your own case study.

Microsoft Word Templates

Case Study Template Microsoft Word 4

All templates are build in Microsoft Word so you can edit them, change the branding, add new sections – whatever you like. Easy to edit, simple to use. What more do you need?

Request & Release Form Templates

Case Study Template Microsoft Word 5

We’ve also added a Case Study Request and a Case Study Release Form template to support your end to end case study process.

Make your customer stories fly.

Good marketing relies on amazing customer stories – but so often, these stories never see the light of day. We’re here to make it as easy as possible to get your story out there – with our simple to edit templates and our comprehensive guide to support you through every step of the process.

Following our expert guidance and using our Word templates, you’ll end up with you a professional and customer-ready case study – and all of the supporting tools and templates to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Contemsa - B2B Sales Reseller Templates

Tell your story today.

Case Study Template Pack

  • 30 x Microsoft Word Case Study Templates – simple to edit and easy to fill in
  • Long-form and short-form template versions to choose from (15 long-form templates and 15 short-form templates)
  • Templates available in 6 different color options
  • A 30-page guide on how to write and create your business case study, complete with example text to help you fill in your case study
  • Case Study Request Email Template – text for you to copy and paste to send to your customers to request a case study
  • Case Study Release Form – ready to be sent to your customers to get approval for creating and sharing your case study
  • Case Study Questions File – all the questions you need to ask to create a compelling business case study

Tell amazing customer stories.

Purchasing FAQs

How will I receive my template?

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Do I need to have any special software to access the template files?

All our templates are designed to be used in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Please check the description of your individual template pack to check which formats your template is available in.

Can I use this template pack to create documents for my clients?

The templates and all supporting documents are only licenced for a company’s own use. Agencies or third parties are not licensed to use the templates to create documents for multiple clients (each client would require its own unique template purchase).

Do you offer refunds?

Because our templates are digital downloads, we unfortunately don’t offer refunds. However, we put lots of info about what is included in the packs to help you make your decision, but if you’re unsure of anything then please get in touch: and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good case study?

A good case study focuses on the most important part of the entire process: your customer! It’s about telling a good customer story – sharing their challenges, their business aims, and the business value that your product or service has delivered to them.

What is a case study?

A case study is a chance to show your prospects how you deliver value to your customers. It’s an opportunity to put your products and services into context; demonstrating how they work in a real, live customer situation, and how they are actually helping customers. It’s all very well you telling people how great your product is, but there’s nothing like a case study where your customer can tell the world how great your product is!

How do I write a case study?

Don’t worry, our 30-page guide takes you step by step through every stage of the case study writing process, giving you questions to ask your customer, questions to ask yourself and sample text to give you an idea of what to write.

We help you to write a professional and compelling business case study that your customers will love.

Are there any case study examples to help me?

In the Case Study Template guide, we include sample text in each section to give you an example of what to write for your own case study – and we give you lots of pointers to guide you along the way. It’s the easiest way to Do-It-Yourself possible!