Case Study – Amazing Stories

Make your customer stories fly.

Are you telling amazing customer stories?

We learn through stories. Stories of overcoming the enemy, and stories of falling in love. And business is the same. To connect with new prospects, you need to tell amazing, compelling and engaging customer stories about your existing clients’ success.

More than just a Case Study

Go beyond the basic testimonial and reach prospects’ hearts.

The hero of your story

Show potential customers how you’ve saved the day.

Less product, more outcomes

Prospects want to hear compelling stories about tangible business outcomes.

Getting to know the real you

Let prospects see what it’s like to work with you and the success you’ve achieved with existing customers.

Get the Case Study Template Pack

30 Microsoft Word templates for your Case Study plus a comprehensive How-To guide to show you how to create world-class case studies.

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Why choose our Case Study Template Pack?

Let’s understand a bit more about what’s included in our Case Study Template Pack.

Case Study Template - All contents of the pack

How-To Guide

We guide you through the process you need to follow, and the questions to ask, to get the most out of your case study.

Case Study Template Covers

30 Word Templates

The pack comes with 30 Microsoft Word Case Study Templates – 15 Long-form options and 15 Short-form options to – to suit your specific needs.

B2B Case Study Template and Guide Covers

Release Form Template

We’ve included Release Form Templates and Case Study Request Email Templates to ensure you’re covered with all the tools you need for a successful case study process.