Using content to capture the attentions of CIOs and IT Directors.

Whitepaper content
and partner sales playbooks

Contemsa helped Pulsant when delivering their Disaster Recovery (DR) as-a-Service sales and marketing campaign by creating a whitepaper based on new and established approaches to disaster recovery.  We also supported the Pulsant sales and channel teams by creating sales playbooks across the core Pulsant product families.

Customer objectives

Support direct lead-gen campaign with content

Drive lead generation activities and business development

Drive lead generation through whitepaper downloads and registrations and increase customer awareness of Pulsant in the disaster recovery space.

Using whitepapers to engage with customers

Build reputation as a thought leader in the hosting sector

Moving away from product and feature-focused conversations to business outcomes – to drive a more strategic relationship with customers.

Better engage with partner sales teams

Drive engagement and improve sales enablement

Creating sales playbooks to help partner sales teams position the Pulsant solution portfolio – covering objection handling, market challenges and product positioning.

Our solution

Contemsa first created a range of sales playbooks for each of Pulsant’s product families to aid with sales training and the development key sales messaging across each product area. The playbooks highlighted the strategic messaging for each of the Pulsant solution areas, and discussed how these solutions addressed specific customer objectives and challenges.

We then created an in-depth whitepaper that collated Pulsant’s findings, expertise and unique perspectives on disaster recovery, and combined this information with industry research and statistics to give a holistic view of the disaster recovery choices that organisations faced today.

The aim of the whitepaper was to help educate customers and support them in reaching a decision about the most suitable disaster recovery solution for them, whilst demonstrating Pulsant’s position in the cloud disaster recovery space.

Contemsa also created a sales playbook purely for Pulsant’s channel partners, which formed part of Pulsant’s wider partner programme and was to be a key part of the partner onboarding process.


There were a number of outcomes generated from the content creation activities delivered by Contemsa for Pulsant:

  • The solution family sales playbooks were used internally to support a range of training activities, but were also adopted to support other content production requirements, such as tender and bid responses, and general web copy.
  • The Disaster Recovery whitepaper was promoted by Pulsant on The Register, a leading news and information site focused on the IT sector, where prospects could register and download the whitepaper. The paper was successful in hitting its download target; creating new sales leads for Pulsant to follow up on.
  • The whitepaper marketing campaign proved to be one of Pulsant’s most cost effective marketing campaigns of the year.
  • The whitepaper was successful immediately, generating leads within days of being uploaded to The Register.
  • The partner enablement playbook was a valuable asset in assisting with building out Pulsant’s existing reseller program and improving the onboarding process for new partners.

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