Create your own Sales Playbook

Get access to:

  • A professionally formatted Sales Playbook template ready to be filled in, in Microsoft Word format
  • PowerPoint Sales Playbook template version also
  • 3 styles included – Corporate, Colourful or Minimalist
  • Sales Battlecard template in Microsoft Word format and PowerPoint
  • Detailed guide (over 30 pages long) on how to create your sales playbook and the questions to ask for each section
  • Excel version of the Sales Playbook questions to collect responses from your Sales Playbook contributors

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Sales playbook template - Contemsa

Get your sales messaging on track

Do you have a Sales Playbook for your company? Struggling to get your sales teams to position certain products or need help articulating your product or service to customers?

We’ve helped many companies selling complex products and solutions to create comprehensive sales playbooks for their teams, and we’ve put that learning into a ready-to-go sales playbook template pack so that you can create your own.


What is a Sales Playbook?

A Sales Playbook is your crib sheet for your product, service or company. Some organisations have just one Sales Playbook, while some have a Playbook for each product they sell. It is like a simple guide for anyone selling your product or service which educates them on how to position your product, the challenges customers are facing in the market, and how to align your product to those challenges, and manage common objections – plus a whole load of extra useful sales information.

Why do I need a Sales Playbook?

How do your teams handle common customer objections? Can everyone pitch your solution or product succinctly? Is your sales messaging consistent?

We often speak to organisations who have all of this information, but it’s disjointed – sitting in brochures, websites and customer proposals. A sales playbook brings this information together into one document for a consistent approach to sales success.

Can you create a Sales Playbook for us?

Sure, we can do that. For customers who prefer it DIY-it, there is the Sales Playbook pack which they can download and access the ready-to-fill-in templates, or, if you want a bespoke design and more support, then we can deliver the end to end playbook project for you – from interviewing your teams to collating your internal documentation to create a comprehensive Sales Playbook. Email us at to find out more.

What’s included in the Sales Playbook Pack?

There’s everything you need to create your Sales Playbook – including ready to go Microsoft Word templates which you can download and start filling in. They are professionally and beautifully formatted, and we also included the same templates in PowerPoint too in case you prefer presenting your playbooks. We also include a template for a battlecard (like a mini playbook), and a detailed guide which walks you through how to fill in each section of the Sales Playbook, with the right questions to ask of your Playbook contributors. And, we included an Excel version of the questions so that you can collect and collate responses to your questions easily.

Can I do it myself without the Sales Playbook Pack?

You could – but you’d need to design up your playbook yourself, and figure out what goes into making a successful Sales Playbook. We’ve drawn on our decade of experience working in Enterprise Sales and sales playbook creation to put all the best practice and tools you need into one simple Sales Playbook pack.

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