Guide: Meddic Deal Qualification

MEDDIC is a deal qualification method for qualifying complex sales opportunities.

For more complex sales situations, you need a comprehensive opportunity qualification process like the MEDDIC system. This helps to ensure you have all bases covered: across identifying the economic buyer, through to understanding who your coach and champions are within your customer.  

Not going through this deal qualification process means that you can potentially leave yourself open to being outsold by a competitor or not connecting with the correct people across your customer’s organization.

Overview of the MEDDIC deal qualification process

The MEDDIC qualification criteria involves asking questions about your sales opportunity across six main areas, detailed below.

The aim is to ensure you have covered all the key points to help you accurately qualify your position as a vendor/seller in a particular sales opportunity and to help you discover gaps in your knowledge about the customer or project.

By knowing the answers to these questions, we can build up a more detailed picture of the sales opportunity, to uncover gaps, potential issues and opportunities.

What does MEDDIC mean?


  • What metrics is your customer using to make a decision about purchasing your solution?
  • How is the customer measuring success?

Economic Buyers

  • Who has final approval of how much money will be spent on this purchase?
  • Have you shown the Economic Buyer how your product will deliver an ROI?
  • Is there budget allocated for this project?

Decision Criteria

  • What is the decision criteria?
  • Is there a documented criteria in place for what will influence the decision? I.e. cost, ability to integrate with existing products.
  • Has the decision criteria been influenced by a competitor or the current incumbent supplier?

Decision Process

  • What is the decision-making process?
  • What are the steps in the decision-making process?
  • Who across the organization is involved in the decision making process?

Identify Needs

  • What business problem is the customer trying to solve?
  • What business outcomes could the customer achieve from purchasing your product?


  • Who is your champion within your customer?
  • Who is supporting you within your customer?
  • Do you have someone coaching you within your customer about how best to sell into them?


Download a PDF template of the MEDDIC Deal Qualification process to qualify your own sales opportunities.

MSA MEDDIC Deal Qualification Template

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