Sales Training Playbook

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Do your teams have a Sales Training Playbook?

Enterprise sales teams are bombarded with online training, product brochures and sales skill coaching – bring it all together into one Sales Training Playbook – using our easy to edit Sales Playbook Templates.

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Sales Training Playbook Template

18 Different Sales Playbook Templates

Our playbook templates cover a variety of styles, colors and options.

Easy to edit formats

Choose from PowerPoint or Word templates.

Setting you up for success

We hold your hand through every page of the Sales Playbook – with a comprehensive guide on how to fill in each section.

Professional & credible

Don’t reinvent the wheel – build on our decade of experience in delivering sales playbooks for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Sales Playbook Template PowerPoint - Inside

So much more than just a template

You’re not just getting a template – you’re getting a comprehensive how-to guide on how to create a world class Sales Playbook for your teams.

  • Step by step guide to creating your playbook
  • Word and PPT templates
  • Additional supporting templates to help you create a successful sales playbook

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We create the most reliable and credible B2B sales templates in the industry, tailored for B2B sales teams working in complex industries. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest organizations to create playbooks to help their sales teams perform better and sell with more credibility.