Supercharge your sales team’s success with a playbook.

A Sales Playbook Framework and Template to drive your revenues, training and Sales Enablement programme.

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Sales Playbook Template Pack

Sales Playbook Template Pack

What’s included in the Sales Playbook Template Pack:

  • Microsoft Word Sales Playbook Templates
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Sales Playbook Templates
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Sales Battlecard Templates
  • Comprehensive 60 page ebook
  • Excel template files:
    • Feedback Sheet template
    • Questioning Sheet Template
  • Additional supporting templates:
    • Sales Messaging Template
    • Features, Benefits and Outcomes Template

“The Sales Playbook templates and instructional ebook gave us a ready-to-go playbook which we could hand out to new starters and resellers, ultimately quickening up the sales process.”

“The Reseller and Sales Playbook Templates will help us to accelerate our global partner program delivery and standardise our partner documentation.”

“It was easy to adjust the Case Study Pack files to match our own branding and the ebook gave us step by step instructions for creating a professional Case Study.”

A Sales Playbook Framework For Success.

Easy to edit, Microsoft Office compatible template files to create your Sales Playbook.

Comprehensive Guide to Sales Playbooks

Sales Playbook Template - All Contents

The Sales Playbook Pack has a comprehensive and detailed 60+ page ebook which guides you through every section of the sales playbook template creation process.

Microsoft Word Playbook Templates

Sales Playbook Template - Inside View Blue

The Sales Playbook template comes in six different color options, all easy to edit in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

The pack also includes the Sales Playbook template in Microsoft PowerPoint format, again with six different color options to choose from.

Best in class organizations use Sales Playbooks to drive more revenue.

Do your Account Managers and Sales Reps have the resources they need to go out and have dynamic sales conversations with customers?

We’ve distilled over a decade’s worth of experience in creating B2B Sales Playbooks to bring you a simple and easy to use playbook template solution. The Sales Playbook Template pack has everything you need to create your own professional company Sales Playbook and collateral – with guides, resources and ready-to-go templates.

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What’s included in the Sales Playbook Template Pack?

Microsoft Word Sales Playbook Template

Word Playbook Template Cover 1

We’ve designed the Sales Playbook Template in Microsoft Word, so that everyone can access, amend and create their Sales Playbook without needing complex graphics tools. When you’re done, you just convert your Word document to a PDF, and then it’s ready to send out.

There are 18 Word playbook templates in your pack (3 style designs across 6 different color options). Each Word playbook template has 25 pages for you to edit and input your sales messaging.

The templates have been designed to be simple and intuitive to edit – compared to some very graphic design-driven templates that don’t let you edit your text easily, or templates that run into problems when you add too much text. Our templates have been repeatedly tested, tried out, amended, improved and updated.

PowerPoint Sales Playbook Template

Sales Playbook Template PowerPoint - Covers V2

In case you prefer PowerPoint to Word, we’ve also included PowerPoint versions of each of the templates. Some customers also prefer to have both a Word and a PowerPoint Sales Playbook, so that they can present the playbook as a full presentation at training sessions, and a Word/PDF version to print out or share.

There are 12 PowerPoint templates in your pack, split across 2 styles – each with 6 color variations (1 of the PowerPoint templates goes well with two of the Word styles, and the other PowerPoint style matches the remaining Word style – so that you can always have a matching PowerPoint and Word document.)

Sales Battlecard Template – in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Formats

Sales Playbook Example - Black

You’ll also get Sales Battlecard Templates to complement your Sales Playbook document – in the same design options, across Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats.

Sales Battlecards are sometimes called ‘Cheat Sheets’ – they’re like mini Sales Playbooks, often only one or two pages long, to summarize the key info covered in your more comprehensive Sales Playbook.

Comprehensive 60-page Ebook on how to create your Sales Playbook

Sales Playbook Ebook

Our ebook will guide you step by step through the Sales Playbook creation process – drawing on our decade of experience creating sales playbooks for corporates and startups.

It goes through each recommended section of a Sales Playbook, such as ‘Customer Challenges’ or ‘Market Opportunity’, giving you tips and insights for each section, plus specific questions to ask your subject matter experts to get the most valuable information for each playbook section.

Excel template files to support the playbook creation process:

Sales Playbook Template Excel
  • Feedback Sheet template
  • Questioning Sheet Template

We’ve included some handy files in Excel format to help you collect information from your subject matter experts (the Questioning Sheet Template) and a Feedback Sheet template for collating feedback during your review process for your playbook.

Additional supporting templates

Sales Playbook Template Sales Messaging

In order to help you develop your sales messaging and complete your Sales Playbook, we’ve included a few extra templates to help you better articulate your sales messaging in your playbook:

  • Sales Messaging Template
  • Features, Benefits and Outcomes Template

How it works

Word Sales Templates - Icon2

Read through the ebook which guides you through each step of the Sales Playbook creation process.

Word Sales Templates - Icon3

Interview your company’s Subject Matter Experts to get the content you need for your Sales Playbook using the Questioning template.

Engage your Sales Teams to provide input, feedback and anecdotes to make your Playbook richer using the Feedback Template.

Create a matching Sales Battlecard for individual Sales Plays or for a quick cheatsheet refresher.

Word Sales Templates - Icon5

Send your Playbook to your Sales Teams, upload it to your Content Hub, use it for your next training session, and start winning more clients.

Sales Playbook Template Pack

  • Microsoft Word Sales Playbook Templates – 3 styles, each with 6 different color options
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Sales Playbook Templates – 2 styles, each with 6 different color options
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Sales Battlecard Templates – to complement your Sales Playbook
  • Comprehensive 60 page ebook to guide you step by step through the Sales Playbook creation process – drawing on our decade of experience creating sales playbooks for corporates and startups
  • Excel template files to support the playbook creation process:
    • Feedback Sheet template
    • Questioning Sheet Template
  • Additional supporting templates to help you develop your sales messaging and complete your Sales Playbook, including:
    • Sales Messaging Template
    • Features, Benefits and Outcomes Template

Get started building your Sales Playbook today.

Become amazing at understanding your customers.

Purchasing FAQs

How will I receive my template?

Once you have placed your order, your Template will be emailed to you as a digital download via a link in the Order Confirmation email.

If you haven’t received your email, please check your spam folder and the email address associated with your PayPal account. If you still haven’t received your pack, then email us at

Do I have to pay with PayPal?

No! You can pay via Credit or Debit card, or using your PayPal account.

PayPal process all the payments, we don’t see or store any payment info.

Do I need to have any special software to access the template files?

All our templates are designed to be used in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Please check the description of your individual template pack to check which formats your template is available in.

Can I use this template pack to create documents for my clients?

The templates and all supporting documents are only licenced for a company’s own use. Agencies or third parties are not licensed to use the templates to create documents for multiple clients (each client would require its own unique template purchase).

Do you offer refunds?

Because our templates are digital downloads, we unfortunately don’t offer refunds. However, we put lots of info about what is included in the packs to help you make your decision, but if you’re unsure of anything then please get in touch: and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries.

Grow your sales and grow a tree

Whenever you purchase a Template Pack, we plant a tree on our farm. So as your business branches out with more sales, so does your tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sales Playbook?

A Sales Playbook is your crib sheet for your product, service or company. Some organisations have just one Sales Playbook, while some have a Playbook for each product they sell. It is like a simple guide for anyone selling your product or service which educates them on how to position your product, the challenges customers are facing in the market, and how to align your product to those challenges, and manage common objections – plus a whole load of extra useful sales information.

Why do I need a Sales Playbook?

How do your teams handle common customer objections? Can everyone pitch your solution or product succinctly? Is your sales messaging consistent?

We often speak to organisations who have all of this information, but it’s disjointed – sitting in brochures, websites and customer proposals. A sales playbook brings this information together into one document for a consistent approach to sales success.

Can you create a Sales Playbook for us?

Sure, we can do that. For customers who prefer it DIY-it, there is the Sales Playbook pack which they can download and access the ready-to-fill-in templates, or, if you want a bespoke design and more support, then we can deliver the end to end playbook project for you – from interviewing your teams to collating your internal documentation to create a comprehensive Sales Playbook. Email us at to find out more.

What’s included in the Sales Playbook Pack?

There’s everything you need to create your Sales Playbook – including ready to go Microsoft Word templates in six professional designs which you can download and start filling in. They are professionally and beautifully formatted, and we also included the same templates in PowerPoint too in case you prefer presenting your playbooks (in the six same color designs). We also include a template for a battlecard (like a mini playbook), and a detailed guide which walks you through how to fill in each section of the Sales Playbook, with the right questions to ask of your Playbook contributors. And, we included an Excel version of the questions so that you can collect and collate responses to your questions easily.

Can I do it myself without the playbook template from Contemsa?

You could – but you’d need to design up your playbook yourself, and figure out what goes into making a successful playbook template. We’ve drawn on our decade of experience working in Enterprise Sales and sales playbook creation to put all the best practice and tools you need into one simple Sales Playbook pack.

Will this give me a Sales Playbook outline for my own playbook?

The template pack will give you so much more than an outline for your playbook – it will give you all the document templates, guides, instructions and advice for creating your own Sales Playbook and supporting documents, like Sales Battlecards.